Our Values

VISION: Our vision is to provide a safe, respectful learning community with Manaakitanga as its foundation, where all ākonga, and their whānau feel acknowledged, welcome and supported.

We intend that all ākonga are supported to achieve success through developing the skills and knowledge they need now and for the future.

Whanau House Reward System

To develop and encourage the use of our School Values we have introduced
a Whanau Reward System.

How Does it Work?

  • Each student belongs to a whanau 
  • Each student will have the opportunity to earn points for their whanau by displaying the school values.
  • Respect Tickets will be given out during break times, whānau afternoons or other whole school events.
  • Students need to put the tickets into the box.
  • Every assembly an updated tally will be on display in the Whānau Room

The Whānau that has the highest points that week will be rewarded with an extra 10 minutes extra play during the following week. The Whānau with the most points at the end of the term will receive an Ice Block.

How you can earn Whānau Tickets:

  • During break times
  • Tickets given out to students who are displaying our values during break times.
  • Put the name of the student, tick the name of their whanau and the value they used.
  • The student will have the responsibility of putting the ticket into the box. 

Before assembly, the Kaiarahi in charge of assembly for that term will go through the tickets and add up how many tickets each whanau has.  This will be added to the ongoing tally.  Which values have been ticked will also be recorded.


Manaakitanga Awards

As part of our continuing journey in strengthening Manaakitanga across the school, we have recently introduced a senior school award initiative.  These are called Manaakitanga Cards and are open to all students in Room 3 and 4.

Earning Points Towards a Manaakitanga Card:

Each child earns points for showing any of our three school values; Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Respect for Our Environment. Each point will be tallied on a spreadsheet shared with students.  These points can earn them a Manaakitanga Card. These points cannot be deducted and restart each term. 

Your child can earn points for each aspect by…

Respect for self

  • Positive attitude towards oneself as a learner, Effort to improve, and pride in achievement
  • Representation in sports and cultural activities
  • Extra curricular activities outside of school time
  • Progress in any area (e.g. being aware of learning goals when discussed and understanding what they need to do to meet their goal)
  • Any activity that actively improves their own learning in any field without being detrimental to their other areas of learning or that of others i.e. not being truant to pursue this activity.

Respect for others

  • Leadership in class, school, or community
  • Volunteering 
  • Helping, encouraging, supporting others
  • Organising activities for others
  • Supporting activities for others

Respect for environment 

  • Service to school or community e.g. delivering the district newsletter, presenting at assembly, assisting with whanau groups
  • Improving the class or school environment through ongoing activities such as gardening, rubbish pick up, keeping the classroom tidy
  • Planning and carrying out a project that improves our environment
  • Creating a positive learning environment for yourself or others by demonstrating manaakitanga