Frequently Asked Questions


Approximately once a fortnight our school community is invited to attend a Friday assembly that celebrates student learning in and out of class.  Assemblies are advertised through the calendar and updates as necessary via the class seesaw and/or text messaging. Please contact your classroom teacher for information about dates and times.



Any parents or visitors to our school are required to sign in at the school office upon arrival. 

In the event of an emergency evacuation please follow the directions issued by the nearest staff member to you. 


Accidents and Sickness

If at any time your child is involved in a serious accident at school, we will notify you immediately and where necessary arrange for urgent medical attention. 

Our nearest facility is Balclutha although all our staff hold first aid certificates.

In the event of sickness during the day your child will be sent to the school office where they will be monitored for a twenty-minute period. If there is no improvement after this period, we will make every effort to contact you. 

Please make sure that the school has up to date contact information for you, including changes in mobile phone numbers and emergency contact details. 




Country students are bought to Clinton via four bus runs – Kuriwao/Owaka, Kuriwao/Slopedown, Taumata and Wairuna. 

Children travelling on the bus runs are under the charge of the bus monitors. 

Bus subsidy application forms are available from the school office for eligible students who need to travel to meet the bus. Please enquire if you feel you may be eligible. 

All our school buses are run by GoBus.



At Clinton School we have high expectations for student behaviour.   Respect is the basis of our three core values and meeting expectations of behaviour is a way our students show respect for themselves and others. 

By working closely with our parent community any unsettled behaviour patterns can be dealt with effectively. 

Contact / Queries

Generally, the first and most useful point of contact regarding your child will be the class teacher who works with your child daily.   They will also be able to direct you further if they feel there is someone else who can assist you with your query. 

Please phone to arrange an appointment to see your child’s teacher – this will mean that they are able to give you their full attention and prepare for your meeting. 

Messages left at the office for teaching staff will be passed on daily. 



At Clinton School we recognise that whilst our decisions may suit most, with the best will in the world they may not suit all! 

Please come on in and let us know when we get it right. 

We also want to know when we get it wrong! 

Our philosophy is:

“Tell the person who can make the difference”.

This means that we get the opportunity to solve any concerns properly so that matters are resolved efficiently. 

We also get a chance to learn from any mistakes, just like our students. We are fortunate to enjoy a strong relationship with our community who are always prepared to support the children in their learning.

Refer to:  Concerns and Complaints procedure (see right)

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Enviro Schools

Clinton School is an Enviro school.   At different stages in the year the classes will engage in environmental projects. 

The local trips permission slip will cover any outings your child will make as part of this programme. 


We have a well-resourced library, and each class has timetabled visits to the library. 

We actively encourage students to read and ask that parents support us in the development of their child’s reading habits. 


Communication between school and home

Every class uses the SEESAW app which is an excellent way for whanau to keep up to date with their child's learning and easily communicate between school and home. We strongly encourage whanau to accept the seesaw invitation when it is issued by the classroom teacher. If a new invitation is required, please contact your classroom teacher. 

Email and text are also used on a regular basis to communicate when applicable.

A community newsletter is produced by the school every third Thursday of the month.



Our uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse in Gore.  

Alternatively, a selection of second hand items can be purchased through our PTA by contacting the office or your classroom teacher to purchase. 


All Year 7 and 8 students receive Technology training at South Otago High School in Balclutha on Thursdays every second week of each term. 

They are transported to and from Balclutha by bus.